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Application Development

Today businesses thrive on global, forward-thinking strategies programmed into high-end technology solutions. Businesses want solutions based on innovative concepts that should give them leverage over their competitors. These solutions should be agile enough to respond to inevitable changes and should have an ability to deliver quick results amid various industry challenges.

We, at APTEGRA, drive businesses to success by giving them the much required edge in the industry. By delivering all kinds of solutions from enterprise-based applications to custom-made eCommerce applications, APTEGRA creates new opportunities, streamlines processes, and integrates operations. The skilful experts at APTEGRA are your right technology partners, who can help you maximize process improvement and operational savings by implementing best Web solutions designed for your business needs.
APTEGRA’s eBusiness consulting solutions deliver measurable value, incorporating a broad range of technologies. We build and implement end-to-end e-Business services and solutions that seamlessly integrate with diverse business applications. For example, APTEGRA’s portfolio of successful Web projects includes Web Portals, Social Networking sites, Customer relationship management applications, Content management and Workflow solutions, eLearnings portals, storefronts, integration with back-end applications, Web-enabling of legacy applications, and ERP systems integration with Web applications.
Our Web solutions bring together expertise in middleware integration, application servers, portal development frameworks, and content management solutions, on the latest technology platforms such as Java, J2EE, .Net etc.

Architecture Services

Is your architecture robust and resilient?
In the age of technological advancement, enterprises usually keep loading the old architecture by adding new IT capabilities to it, each time in expectation of scaling its services and keeping pace with the ever-changing market needs. On the contrary, if architecture is old, it may not support the integration for a long time and end up increasing enterprise’s cost on technology significantly.
Architecture being the foundation of your step towards making your organization technology-rich, it is imperative to invest in a scalable and robust platform that would aid integration of new IT capabilities while allowing enterprises to extract its full benefit. In fact, integration of new capabilities into a robust and agile architecture will make your system adaptable, predictable and easy to maintain.

APTEGRA offers the following architecture services to enterprise customers:

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