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Application Development

SOA Consulting Services

IT enterprises often use heterogeneous infrastructure to run complex business processes; so building an infrastructure from scratch is not an option. SOA ( service Oriented Architecture)technology is for organizations that need to quickly respond to business changes with agility, leverage existing investment in an application and its infrastructure, increase interactivity mediums, and feature architecture to support organic business.
At APTEGRA, SOA realizes its business and IT benefits through utilizing an analysis and design methodology when creating services that aligns the IT with the business goals, and ensures existing assets are consistent with the architectural vision and roadmap while adhering to principles of service-orientation. SOA professionals at APTEGRA exploit SOA’s loosely coupled nature to adjust business requirements by plugging in and upgrading new services into existing enterprise architecture.
APTEGRA also provides the SOA consulting services which aim at providing a design framework for realizing rapid and low-cost system development. It also helps improve the total system quality and to define the business services and operating models in such a way so as to provide a structure for IT to deliver against the actual business requirements.
Our service oriented architecture approach allows future growth and expected systems evolution. Our best-of-breed applications and systems help achieve best practices such as proactive up-sell and cross-sell customer care, loyalty and retention programs, zero-touch order management, flow-through provisioning, and minimized revenue leakage to ultimately reduce an enterprise client’s operational expenditures and speed time to revenue.
APTEGRA offers the following SOA-related services to its clients:

  • Expertise to develop rich, robust and scalable SOA solutions
  • Highly secure and ready-to-use pre-built, industrialized solution frameworks
  • Advanced infrastructure and center of excellence across the world

SAAS Services

SaaS (Software as a Service) is simply a significant cost saving strategy of recent times. It not only eliminates the need of acquiring the application license each time an enterprise wants to upgrade or switch to an advanced version, but also abolishes the need to handle hardware, daily upkeep systems, and regular maintenance. It enables organizations to access the latest business functionalities and pay only for its usage.
APTEGRA’s SAAS services group helps companies make a smooth transition to a SaaS platform through a combination of consulting, development, and operational services. APTEGRA has the required expertise and experience to enable a software company to build its new products using SaaS platform or re-architect and enhance its existing software to support SaaS platform. APTEGRA provides the following services for SAAS enablement:

  • SAAS Consulting
  • Architecture & Design
  • User Experience
  • Development
  • SOA Integration
  • Testing

Portal and Content Management

Better access to business information means better business result. To put all your information to business use, informationavailability is of high importance. Does your organization have unified information delivered on a single, responsive, and interactive platform?
With the rise in both content and mobile marketing, global organizations are struggling to aggregate both content and web application responsive on multi-channel touch points; and not every content management and portal development solution provider can address the complexities and speed organizations need today. To prosper, enterprises need a CMS and portal designed to assist in digital and online marketing, manage global brand, embrace social business, and produce effective consumer communication.

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