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Application Development


APTEGRA’s Portals and Content Management services group provides consulting, analysis, design development, integration, migration, and testing services for portal and content management solutions to its clients across multiple industry verticals.
We have expertise in the latest technologies and deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our customers. Our solutions span across various CMS and Portal products such as Autonomy (Interwoven), Oracle UCM, Oracle WebCenter Interaction (BEA ALUI), OpenText (LiveLink, Vignette) Websphere Portal, Alfresco, LifeRay, and Joomla. We have experience of building solutions with rich social and web 2.0 features. The solution offering is enriched by our expertise in User Experience and Customer Analytics.
At APTEGRA, we offer:

  • Customer-centric web experience that involves prospect throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Unified solution for multiple touch-points
  • Personalized applications in a contextual fashion
  • Targeted content management solutions with improved relevance and effectiveness
  • Portals that allow quick and easy dissemination of business-critical information

Our content management services portfolio comprises:

  • Enterprise Portals
  • Customer Portals
  • Supplier Portals
  • Employee Information Portals
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Document Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Web Content Management
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Migration/Upgrades across ECM Products
  • Enterprise Helpdesk support
  • User Training
  • o Administration

Web 2.0 Application Development

Web 2.0 has clearly given enterprises a way to interact with consumers, and to find out and act on their choices thus improving ways for gaining customer loyalty and improving business. Web 2.0 include features such as rich user experience, user participation, high interactivity, dynamic content, and scalability which promote collective intelligence by way of user participation; and correct integration of all these features in an enterprise application requires skilful hands, background study, and extensive experience.


At APTEGRA, building a Web 2.0 solution is a step-by-step process. We offer integrated consulting and implementation using the best technology combination. As an adept technology partner, we correctly analyses your business requirements and identify best technology to invest in.

APTEGRA’s Web 2.0 offering helps clients transition from their existing flat websites offering static information to a new computing Web 2.0 platform. Our Web 2.0 offerings are as below:

  • Framework for bringing successful consumer technologies into the enterprise
  • Social Computing Technologies such as blogs, wikis, social networking, communities of practice, web-casts, and pod-casts
  • Develop Rich Internet Applications
  • Delivering rich content and experience on the Web
  • Enabling interactive and a high quality end-user experience
  • Enhancing creativity, communications, secure information sharing, collaboration and functionality of the web.
  • Leveraging technologies such as AJAX, XHTML, XML, Java, Silverlight, etc.
  • Help Clients adapt to the New Service Paradigm
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