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Application Development

Performance Engineering and Enhancements

Development of new enterprise capabilities, systems, and processes are not feasible every time. Besides, enterprises do not even need to invest in new developments if their existing systems are scalable and capable of delivering ROI when effectively monitored, tweaked, optimized, and maintained.


Usually, enterprises find it a challenge to proactively address performance management issues across the production lifecycle of their IT systems. APTEGRA’s Performance Engineering service line encompasses the set of roles, skills, activities, practices, tools, and strategies applied to improve system’s performance at every level.

Our performance group has unparalleled expertise and experience that helps clients assess current performance service levels, predict potential performance failures before they occur, include performance-driven development early in the development lifecycle, and identify and isolate the root cause of performance failures.

By helping clients better manage the overall performance of their applications or systems, we enable enterprises to meet customer and user expectations, improve user satisfaction, reduce costs and, overall, improve their bottom line.
APTEGRA provides the following performance engineering services to its client base:

  • Architecture and design assessment and optimization
  • Application enhancement and optimization for performance
  • Capacity planning and infrastructure optimization
  • Data model refactoring and database performance optimization
  • Service Level Management
  • Problem Management
  • Performance feasibility analysis, modeling, and benchmarking
  • Performance tuning and testing

Security and User Management

As the growing no. of employees and stakeholders require access to your organization’s resources, the chances of your organization’s information assets and infrastructure being exposed to security threats increase. As a result, managing user identities, tracking information flow, and keeping pace with the ever increasing audit requirements becomes a top priority.
Not all systems can meet security and user management challenges, which include managing user identities across multiple business units, optimizing information management costs, adhering to regulatory and compliance, and integrating information in case of mergers and acquisitions, among others.


APTEGRA’s Security and User Management services group will help you minimize security risks, optimize systems, and enhance responsiveness and control. We design water-tight systems that would protect your organization’s and your clients’ information by eliminating internal or external threats.
How do we work towards safeguarding your security? We deliver security solutions through consulting methodologies, reference architectures, processes, and tools that help clients secure the identity of the right business system, person or device, and transact or terminate an on demand business process. First, the access, authorization, and authentication requirements are gathered and web access is secured; then, users of the applications are authorized and authenticated through user provisioning, identity administration, role-based access control, and delegated administration.
Following are the services provided by the Security group at APTEGRA:

  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • Application enhancement and optimization for security
  • Identity provisioning and administration
  • Security policy definition enablement and security for role-based security policies

Penetration and Security testing


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