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Application Maintenance

APTEGRA’s Application Portfolio Rationalization (APR) service is a definite first step to expose hidden inefficiencies and improve the application portfolio. It helps organizations to Identify, categorize, and rationalize their application portfolio; and optimize application value to ensure short-term and long-term gains. Our consulting professionals enable organizations to develop a strategic roadmap in sync with business requirements.

APTEGRA’s APR consulting service involves assessment of the application portfolio and providing recommendations on the following:

  • Application retention
  • Technical extensions
  • Functional extensions
  • Migration options
  • Application rewrite or potential for replacement by COTS ( commercial off the shelf )
  • It also includes as follows:
  • ROI analysis to provide a view on the potential savings from various initiatives
  • Implementation roadmap based on business priorities and implementation feasibility
  • Governance model to ensure monitoring and continuous improvement.
  • Post its consulting services, APTEGRA offers client organizations a help in implementing the APR roadmap. It also ensures that applications are aligned to contemporary technology and business goals. The APR exercise also helps organizations to identify any legacy modernization initiatives that may be required to optimize the application portfolio, going forward.
  • Legacy Modernization

APTEGRA has developed extensive expertise in providing a range of Legacy Modernization services across all industries. Our best-of-breed solutions include a complete analysis and assessment of the need to go in for Legacy Modernization. Based on an organization’s specific needs and requirements, APTEGRA classifies its Legacy Modernization offerings into four categories as follows:

  • Optimization: APTEGRA helps enterprises leverage the strengths of their existing IT systems by reusing existing software assets while controlling maintenance and operational cost through technical and functional modernization. APTEGRA’s team of reengineering experts first analyzes the scope for optimizing the performance of the existing applications; and where required, can reverse engineer the application to understand the business logic and then incorporate the same into the modernized system.
  • Migration and transformation: APTEGRA’s migration and transformation services consist of application conversion, platform rehosting, replacement, and web-enablement, among others. In case the existing platform proves to be a performance inhibitor, but the enterprise would like to run the legacy applications, APTEGRA can enable transition to a better platform with no major changes to the application environment. APTEGRA also offers expertise in implementing off-the-shelf software (COTS) to replace legacy applications and thereby help enterprises gain access to capabilities such as web services that enable higher end-customer satisfaction.
  • Consolidation Services: APTEGRA has proven tools and frameworks to enable risk-free migration and consolidation of applications and databases to fewer systems and databases. APTEGRA’s proven application portfolio rationalization methodology can help enterprises identify redundant applications or consolidate multiple applications serving similar functions. We can also help move the enterprises’ data resources to a single or fewer more modern and scalable database. This reduces license and support costs and at the same time makes single instance of enterprise data available to multiple applications.

Through APTEGRA’s proven Application Portfolio Analysis methodology we engage in a process of discovery to assess the client’s existing portfolio and suggest the best possible solution to modernize the system and improve its responsiveness.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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