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Business Intelligence Services

The advances in technology in the recent past have led to an exponential growth in data creation and changed the way organizations do business. However, the massive data volumes have the power to cripple a business if they are not appropriately stored, managed and made readily accessible to the business. Organizations today, need to transform the way they leverage these new age data assets into building sustainable business advantage. The key to success for organizations is to evolve beyond tactical piecemeal approaches to data management and adopt a strategic and holistic approach. Effective formulation and execution of a comprehensive data strategy encompassing traditional structured and non-conventional data sources is imperative to both the survival and success of organizations.
APTEGRA offers end-to-end Business Intelligence and Analytics services that focus on converting data into actionable business insights and are delivered through a robust people-platform-partner ecosystem.
With over 15 years of proven expertise, APTEGRA brings in a full set of capabilities including domain specialization, BI specific engineering processes, best practices, experienced consultants and IP led platforms. APTEGRA leverages this experience to deliver end-to-end Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions for global businesses including several Fortune 1000 enterprises in Manufacturing, Banking and Financial Services, Health care and Insurance industries.



In today’s unforgiving market place, executives demand instant access to actionable business insights that can help them edge ahead of the competition. With technology advances, the availability of and accessibility to data is no longer a differentiator, and the key is to have the right analytics strategy in place to transform this data into insights.
Our business analytics teams at APTEGRA offer specialized analytics solutions and services across the entire range of industry verticals, geared towards achieving organizational business outcomes. We align our solutions to meet our clients’ needs for enhanced customer experiences, organizational profitability, enterprise efficiency and effectiveness. Our expertise spans all three stages of business analytics: Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Prescriptive Analytics.
APTEGRA’s suite of solutions for enhancing enterprise profitability and growth include:

  • Portfolio risk modeling
  • Fraud and recovery analytics
  • Demand forecasting
  • Customer lifetime value analytics
  • Share-of-wallet analytics

Our specialized analytics services that help organizations protect their margins include:

  • Branch trade area analysis
  • Cash-flow
  • Assets optimization

We help organizations enhance enterprise efficiency and effectiveness with comprehensive analytics offerings across the following sectors:

  • Customer segmentation and profiling analytics
  • Media attribution modeling
  • Portfolio and work force optimization
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