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Business Intelligence Services

Our Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions help to monitor and analyze service disruptions, online sentiments and customer satisfaction, while offering optimizations and helping to provide a single view of the customer. Complementing CEM, is our suite of analytics services that covers the following:


  • Contact center analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Survey analytics
  • Campaign and customer retention modeling


APTEGRA’s proven implementation methodology, tools and accelerators, help organizations benefit from quicker deployment, lower risks and reduced costs, thereby resulting in faster time-to-market. Our ability to deploy the latest analytics techniques, combined with technically superior frameworks with the ability to integrate diverse data streams from internal business systems, external sources (such as social media or market data) and syndicated research, help to yield business critical insights, leading to risk-free deployments of business analytics solutions for our clients.


Big Data


With data growing incrementally and the recent technology advances that make it possible to manage and process this data, Big Data has now moved into the executive’s agenda for every organization. Leveraging all the available data to provide actionable business insights is no more a luxury, but a necessity for survival. With Big Data, organizations have the opportunity to touch and enhance a wide range of business processes while gaining a comprehensive 360 degree understanding of their organization in relation to their customers, products, services, suppliers and employees by leveraging every data touch point.
As organizations attempt to harness the full potential of Big Data, it is imperative that the focus remains on the functional and the business aspects of Big Data. The emphasis here should be on identifying high impact use cases that leverage Big Data analytics to transform business models, rather than on the underlying big data technology know-how.
The four pillars to an effective and efficient Big Data program are:


  • Outcome Focus – An unwavering focus on business outcomes delivered by Big Data applications. A typical Big Data program can imperceptibly lose focus and devolve into an exercise of solving technology and infrastructure quandaries.
  • Speed – Speedy deployments help keep the business teams focused and committed to the program, which is especially critical to the success of Big Data programs. Organizations are impatient with the paralysis by analysis syndrome, which so often inflicted earlier data warehouse implementations.
  • Scalable Architecture – The initial pilot implementations must be built on sound architectural foundations, which can be scaled to future requirements. Organizations want to avoid the costly rip and replace approach, a product of short term thinking.
  • Lower TCO – The capital and operational expenditure need to be optimized to enhance the business value from the Big Data programs. Organizations would like to avoid asymmetric scenarios like proprietary products, vendor lock-in, high upfront investments and frequent upgrades, which would make Big Data programs unfeasible.


At APTEGRA, we believe that the success of Big Data implementation requires core competencies across processes, technology, infrastructure, people skills and analytics. APTEGRA takes a platform based approach to big data; our iV3 big data analytics platform can jumpstart your big data program by abstracting the complexities of technology implementation. This will allow you to focus on creating differentiated business value out of your big data initiative.


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