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Client Success

Media and Entertainment

success story one: Solution software and all inclusive Advertising Agency Manager

AdMan is designed keeping in mind the day to day activities of an Advertisement Agency Firms / Companies. The Ad Agency business is very capital intensive and each Ad costs a lot, whether it is in news paper, TV or any other such media.

Aptegra’s role:

We helped the client with solutions for:

  • Publication integration;
  • Auto generation of release orders;
  • Entry of publication bills;
  • Payment to publication details;
  • Client billing;
  • Sub-agent billing (in case of advertisements from sub-agent instead of client);
  • Report publications, like monthly billing;
  • Payments made versus pending details;
  • Comparison of net turn-over with many other features.

Business benefits:

  • Use of web technology to enable the software to grow with client;
  • High system scalability that allows up to 50 simultaneous users;
  • Instant and easy availability of information for their clients;
  • Reduction of human errors through implementation of standard and fast billing system;
  • Printing on pre-printed stationary.

Success story two: Categorisation of entertainment and events websites

A leading Entertainment Group conducts regular events on current and topical issues. The task was to organise their website to assure delegates of the best education, training from prominent speakers, and networking opportunities in the social functions.

Aptegra’s role:

We took up the challenge and assured the client of a positive outcome. The key features we included on their Events website were:

  • Relevant and categorised information about forthcoming training courses and conventions;
  • Programme, speakers, workshops, venue and registration details;
  • Online registration for individuals and groups.

Business benefits:

  • Low cost contracts (inexpensive fees) for designer projects;
  • A friendly interface and customised templates to suits the business.

Financial Services

Success story one: Administration System for task management

A global pioneer in Financial Risk Management required a full featured back-office solution system to manage tasks in a secure and user-friendly environment. They needed information in the form of extensive reports to aid the management with business strategies and enable organisational growth.

Aptegra’s role:

We created an Administration System that met all the requirements, and had extra features that helped in:

  • Managing payment details and membership information;
  • Managing Financial Risk Management exams, exam sites over the globe, resumes and results, and other browsing details;
  • Providing Financial Risk Academy overview;
  • Mailing spreadsheet reports to the top management;
  • Generating invoices and creating debit/credit notes;
  • Finding required information and details with easy search features.
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