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Client Success

Business benefits:

  • Reduction of IT costs and management time with web-based business management solution;
  • Enhancement of usability with business process driven interface;
  • Authentication and authorisation feature for secure user accessibility;
  • Enhancement of business performance;
  • Provision for online support.

Success story two: Maintenance of digital library

An MNC required a digital library, which would double up as an e-commerce portal for risk management readings. It had to provide access to highly recommended educational material and information on financial risk management.

Aptegra’s role:

We created a digital interface with the following key features to meet the client’s needs:

  • Enabling users to view new releases, popular readings, and all readings under general subject areas like credit risk, market risk, operational risk, investment management and quantitative analysis;
  • Implementing a search engine that uses Google’s search technology;
  • Enabling users to develop their own e-books by purchasing individual or clustered readings

Business benefits:

  • On demand customisation and implementation of new features;
  • Securing the contents on document server;
  • Technical support to resolve issues in minimum possible time.

Success story three: Offshore exam site management

A leading Financial Risk Management company, our overseas client, wanted to manage their international exam site that catered to over 850 candidates.

Aptegra’s role:

We helped the company:

  • Plan, execute and manage the entire examination process;
  • Manage the event venue, notify students, conduct exams on time, professionally and efficiently;
  • With procter training and management;
  • With offsite technical support.

Business benefits:

  • End-to-end offshoring of the project led to hassle-free execution of engagement;
  • Timely and efficient results;
  • Cost-cutting with enhanced profitability and performance.

Travel and Logistics

Implementation of secured payment integration through Paypal/ Verisign

A leading Travel and Logistics multinational agency needed to integrate a streamlined payment gateway system with their existing system.

Aptegra’s role:

We created Integrated Payment Solutions, Merchant Accounts and Payment Processing Services with customer relationship management applications. The key benefits of the system include:

  • Secure administrator access to process manual credit card;
  • Ability to retrieve invoice details and pay member’s unpaid invoice in a few steps;
  • Integrated online payment solution, enabling transaction of member companies with their customers.

Business benefits:

  • Automatic updation of client membership details after successful payments;
  • Secure and easy integration with existing system.


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