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Enterprise Application Services

The recent advances and the subsequent commercialization of technology has led to a revolutionary shift in the buying behavior of today’s consumers. The boundaries between digital, social and mobile media are fast fading in the consumer market and organizations need an integrated strategy that spans across channels and customer touch points.

Organizations need to also evolve their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to meet today’s complex business challenges. A CRM solution that is tailored to an organization’s unique business requirements, enhances their business performance by helping them stay ahead in the race to customer acquisition and retention.

APTEGRA has more than a decade of experience in CRM implementations that spans across several product vendors and industries. We have helped our clients literally ride the storm of disruptive technology trends like social media, mobile apps and cloud based solutions.

APTEGRA’s expertise with packaged CRM products spans across leading vendors, which include:

  • Oracle Siebel
  • (SFDC)
  • MS Dynamics
  • Chordiant
  • NexJ

Enterprise Application Services


Aptegra’s Enterprise Application Services are designed to address a wide range of IT challenges and help users maximize their IT investments for enterprise-wide systems leveraging Aptegra’s heritage with Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Lean is in Aptegra’s DNA, and it is applied systematically to eliminate waste, defects, and variations thus increasing efficiency.

Aptegra offers integrated software services that fulfill our client’s build-support-transform services goal. These services offer a holistic software approach, allowing our clients to:

  • Build composite applications and align them with business processes
  • Achieve business outcome-focused design-implementation-rollouts to maximize opportunity and minimize downtime
  • Deliver just the services needed—not a one-size-fits-all solution
  • Free up our clients’ IT professionals to concentrate on adding value to their core businesses
  • Take decisions by leveraging business intelligence/analytics tools and on-demand solutions


Aptegra leverages its excellence and expertise in the software services portfolio below to deliver profitability to the organizations across industries such as manufacturing, automotive, chemicals, oil and gas, utilities, BFSI, and the media. The combination of our industry experience and domain expertise makes a significant business impact on our customers.

Aptegra offers the following services under the umbrella of Enterprise Application Services:

  • Business Intelligence & Data Services – Business Intelligence – Data Warehousing

End-to-end BI Implementation and consulting Transforming data into actionable knowledge and insights


  • Aptegra’s end-to-end BI implementation and consulting services helps organizations globally transform billions of data into timely, fact-based, and actionable knowledge that affects their business strategies and helps them provide greater insight. To achieve this, Aptegra leverages its Lean Six Sigma—tollgate-based delivery methodology and application rationalization framework along with vast advanced analytics experience.
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