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Enterprise Application Services


  • Aptegra’s testing and performance center provides end-to-end testing solutions supporting the complete development life cycle. Our experience and expertise in areas like test automation, system testing, performance testing, database testing, application monitoring, SQA auditing, and integration testing have helped build an experience base that clients can leverage.

Aptegra’s end-to-end service offerings for the testing practice includes Product, System (Functional) Integration and UAT Testing; Regression Testing; Load, Volume and Stress Testing; Security Testing; Data Base Testing; Web Services Testing; BI Testing; UCMDB; Application Monitoring (Sitescope, BAC, HP OV); PPM Services (ITG Kintana); and SQA, among others.


Our Software Testing services help to identify and bridge gaps in existing processes, enabling customers to drive high performance while maintaining high-quality standards. We have a strong focus on the business needs of our customers and help them consistently exceed their business objectives.

Our approach involves the following three stages:

Assessment – We assess the business needs of the organization and evaluate their existing processes and tools

Transformation – We help transform their organizational practices to that of the best in the industry

Optimization – We help companies continuously monitor and evaluate their processes


  • We deliver full spectrum Quality Assurance and Software Testing services right through the QA value chain, from quality advisory services and software quality-assurance services in the consulting mode to running Test Centers of Excellence (TCoE) in the managed-services mode. Our portfolio includes –

QA Consulting and Advisory

  • Architecture, design, diagnostics
  • Information Risk Management (IRM) and security testing
  • Test center and QA organizational design
  • Software Testing Services
  • Test harness development
  • Application testing services
  • IT service management
  • Test center and team management
  • Test Execution and Reporting
  • Horizontal testing
  • Metrics and reporting
  • TaaS (Testing as a Service)

Technology Integration – Technology Integration Services
Complementing the Functionality offered by Enterprise Applications


Aptegra’s Technology Integration services target providing solutions for niche customer requirements that complement functionality provided by Enterprise Applications. We stitch together point solutions, custom solutions, legacy systems, and enterprise applications to give an end-to-end business management platform.


  • Provide a seamless business solution that relieves the user from understanding the complexity/multiplicity of the back-end IT systems
  • Focus on meeting business goals without overhauling existing customer IT landscape
  • Use existing customer systems along with optimal third party applications to implement a robust and stable solution in the shortest amount of time
  • Leverage a “Shrink to Grow” approach to optimize application support costs using Lean Six Sigma-based quality initiatives and return the savings for enhancements and future solutions for clients
  • Focus on automated quality assurance processes for providing zero defect output
  • SOA-based approach to integrate heterogeneous IT systems


Aptegra’s Technology Integration offerings include Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) services, Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, and Testing services.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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