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Enterprise Mobility Services

Mobility has become a reality which enterprises can no longer ignore; also, mobile devices have become an integral part of the business eco system. Real-time decisions and collaboration at the point of activity have become imperative for all organizations, and consumerization of mobile technologies is driving the adoption for these technologies in business environments for employees as well as customers.

Enabling enterprise applications on mobile devices is not an easy task. With the increasing numbers of mobile platforms through various device manufacturers and increasing mobile workforce, the challenges are huge. Some noteworthy challenges are:

  • Lack of clarity in adoption of an Enterprise Mobility Roadmap: No clear guidance available on the priority to be accorded to different      enterprise applications that can be mobile-enabled, definition of success criteria, measurement of ROI and impact of rapidly changing   trends in the mobility landscape.
  • Data Security: With the growing mobile population utilizing mobile computing services on their personal mobile devices, securing corporate data and sensitive enterprise information is one of the mandatory requirements, especially since the devices may not be an asset of the organization and hence out of its IT control.
  • Usability: It is difficult to serve varied mobile platforms with the platform-specific user-interface supporting multiple resolutions and device sizes.
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM) System: Due to different kinds of mobile applications such as Native, Web or Hybrid, deployment of such multiple types of mobile applications on various app stores or enterprise stores.
  • Multiple Data Sources: Integration of mobile apps with multiple enterprise back-end systems such as CRM, Web Services and Asset Management, thus maintaining the best of the performance of mobile apps on the devices is a major concern.
  • Testing of Mobile Apps: With the device diversity and varied resolutions/operating systems of devices, mobile apps testing is one of the most important phase of a mobile app SDLC process. It is mandatory to test the applications on few key real devices v/s simulators to ensure the usability aspect of the business requirements.
  • Mobile Device Management: With the increased need of data security and employee computing using their own devices, the need for Mobile Device Management to monitor these devices and secure the device data is a key challenge.

Enterprise Mobility overcomes all these challenges by:

  • Creating customized solutions using various development approaches such as Native, Web or Hybrid
  • Converging mobile technologies in combination with Big Data & Cloud for larger data sets and secured hosting requirements
  • Executing automation testing using tools to overcome the need of having physical mobile devices within the premises
  • Hosting multiple mobile applications to cater to the diversity of mobile device platforms using MAM (Mobile Applications Management – Enterprise App Stores) systems
  • Securing corporate data in device using MDM (Mobile Device Management) tools and managing the employees devices within the premises

How APTEGRA Can Help You

Our Enterprise Mobility CoE continuously explores and evaluates rapidly evolving mobility technology options with a vision to help our customers leverage them for business advantage, by building a capability around the same.

Organizations can leverage APTEGRA’s technology and domain expertise to successfully implement their Enterprise Mobility vision. We can help organizations with our:

  • Consulting framework -based approach and domain expertise to formulate an enterprise-wide mobility strategy
  • In-depth understanding of the rapidly evolving mobile technology for creating a futuristic technology ecosystem
  • Development methodologies to select an application delivery approach
  • Usability Practice to provide usable and intuitive solutions with highest standards of unified user experience management skills
  • Mobile Application Testing – Manual and automation using tools
  • Expert teams to implement, manage, and update your mobility infrastructure through MAM & MDM
  • Warranty/Support & Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of enterpise mobility services that help our clients roll out comprehensive mobility strategies and implement innovative solutions across mobile platforms and devices.

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