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Process Flow

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01. Document Requirements / Needs

This is a very important step in the life cycle of the application. The documented requirements and study of the current business process, togather gives insight into the actual outcome expected from the application. We provide great bit of suggestions at this initial stage to enhance the process without loosing its purpose.

02. Design Document

At this point the base is ready with the needs analysis. The project team management will decide on the resources needed to fulfill this requirements. Also the designing team will start working on the two aspects of the application, one the process flow design and two the UI design.

03. Develop

The development team is handed over the design document with complete, which contains all details of the development. The tools to be used, the libraries to be used etc. The development is done using Agile methodology. Wherein the client is involved in each and every step to check and course correct if needed.

04. Implement and support

Well all the above is futile if the implementation is not done properly. This is the most important step, because the existing process and new process / application will run parellely. The team needs to be trained. We at Aptegra, hand hold the client during this entire transition phase. With many meetings and training sessions, we bring the clients upto speed. At this time the post implementation support contract is drawn.